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Do not think someone is coming to help. Do not think someone else local will start something. Act NOW! Do not worry about making mistakes, trust your people to do the right thing. Don’t get stuck in meetings and discussion, don’t be afraid to make things happen quickly. Fight for your community and get things done! The Ballachulish community in the Highlands has done this and created a template for other communities who are now spreading the word. Check the flowchart and read more below.


As the Covid-19 outbreak spread across the UK, the existing Emergency Group in Ballachulish agreed to open discussions with the community with a view to establishing a comprehensive, community led response to care for vulnerable people in the local area.

A public meeting was called on Friday 13th March.  The meeting was led by Community Council Chair, Kevin Smith and Councillor Niall McLean.

During the meeting concerns were expressed that the village, and surrounding are may be faced with limited external emergency support due to a combination of:

  • the unprecedented nature of the outbreak
  • our rural location
  • the ability of Highland Council to resource a comprehensive response to the outbreak
  • local NHS capacity (or lack of)

It was decided at the meeting to establish a formal support group to mobilise our community to address these challenges.

During initial discussions, potential needs, challenges, and resources were identified.  A number of roles and actions were agreed, but the group were very aware that this was just the start.  48 hours after the meeting we are becoming a cohesive and structured group, with an emerging plan.

This is our guide to starting the group, and also an outline of our planned next steps.

Below you can get access to our shared Dropbox account and view and download the assets and help files around our strategy. 


The information and files shared on are intended as guide documents and are made available to assist groups in their work to support communities.

They are general in nature, and subject to change. They are not, and should not be construed as legal, medical or professional opinion.

We advise all groups to make themselves aware of GDPR and Data Protection legislation.

Kinlochleven councillor, Andrew Baxter, talks about implementing CovidGo in his community