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A call to action for PPE providers and industries to offer up their resources for the NHS front line staff, careers, emergency responders and other vital services that we need to protect.

Ballachulish on Channel 4 News (Friday 27th March)

Lockdown – Monday 23rd March

Mental Health Tool Kit

This document is called ‘MENTAL WELL-BEING DURING CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK – A TOOLKIT” in the files you can download.

Testing out how technology can enable us to support our community

We’re thinking of how technology can enable us to support the community. One idea that we’ve tested is how drones could potentially deliver medication for our community. So we tested out this idea to see if it worked, see for yourselves the results!

Our volunteers helping out

A person who is social distancing for health reasons couldn’t get to his freezer as the shed door had fallen off. One of our volunteers helped out on the DIY and got the door back on its hinges.

We  were on the look out for volunteers, whether it was helping out on delivering prescriptions, shopping for food, DIY, Facebook page admin, we will need more help in the coming days, so please message us.

Late night planning with the admin team

Late night planning fuelled by cups of tea – a tiny glimpse behind the scenes…

Local businesses volunteering

So, so many local businesses have been in touch with offers of help – people, resources, advice. Here’s a quick clip of our local chippy offering to help with catering. Thanks so much to you all – too numerous to mention in this post but we will try to give you all a shout in due course!